Kim Kardashian West Sets Her Lawyers Out to Help Sex Trafficking Victim Cyntoia Brown

Image via Wiki Commons.
Image via Wiki Commons.

Human suffering broke the flow of celebrity selfies this week: Rihanna, Kim Kardashian West, Snoop Dogg, Cara Delevingne, T.I., and LeBron James have all posted snapshots of Cyntoia Brown, the 29-year-old sex trafficking victim who was sentenced to life in prison at the age of 16. Kim Kardashian West has even called her lawyers to help free Brown, which, if she commits to this tweet, would make for a truly worthwhile season of KUWTK. According to Kardashian West’s lawyer Shawn Holley, Kim had already enlisted her to help 62-year-old Alice Johnson, a grandmother who’s served 21 years of a life sentence for a nonviolent drug conviction. (Kim tweeted “this is so unfair” about an article on Mic, a commenter asked “So what do you plan to do about it???” and then it seems she did something about it).

Brown’s biography, which was the subject of a 2011 PBS documentary Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story, is a chronicle of injustice from birth: her mother drank heavily while pregnant, she was repeatedly raped, spent her childhood in and out of the Department of Children’s Services, and was pimped out by a 24-year-old drug dealer known as “Kut Throat.” Brown had testified that she shot 43-year-old Johnny Mitchell Allen, who’d taken her to his home for sex, when it appeared that he was reaching for a gun.


Several outlets speculate that the spontaneous interest comes from a Fox 17 News segment which aired this week. Rihanna then helped put Brown back in the spotlight on Instagram.


Earlier this month, Ridley Scott removed alleged sexual assailant Kevin Spacey from his finished film and reshot the scenes with Christopher Plummer. Now, Ashley Feinberg at HuffPost has dug up a 650-page wholesale inventory of Christopher Plummer’s Horny Thoughts in prose in a 2008 memoir In Spite of Myself. Let’s peruse, shall we.


A few from HuffPost’s highlights: at age 23, he’d considered pursuing a “tryst” with a “merry, sexy little fifteen-year-old apprentice.” In his mid-twenties, he laid eyes on an exceptionally flexible 16-year-old exotic dancer (“nymph”) and speculated on her “unprintable” abilities. There was an 18-year-old nicknamed “Mammory Mellons”; a sexy “Girl Friday” provided by higher-ups as his assistant; a “poor” friend who “couldn’t help himself” and was accused of rape; all sprinkled with racist vocabulary like “Semitic.” Here are some more.

On the other hand, the New York Times considers all this a hoot.


Women who have spoken out against Harvey Weinstein welcome Uma Thurman to the table after her Thanksgiving Instagram post telling followers to “stay tuned” for her much-anticipated Weinstein story.


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