Kim Kardashian Says Baby Brow Waxing Claims Are 'Sick'

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Following today's public outcry over whether or not little baby North's 7-month-old eyebrows have been waxed, Kim Kardashian responded that the speculation was "sick." She's just a naturally glamorous incredi-baby, DUH.


While the 33-year-old made light of the situation at first, she branded the people making the claims as 'pretty sick'.

Taking to Twitter to defend her six-month-old's appearance she wrote: 'Do people really think I would wax my daughters eyebrows so young? Come on, I'd wait until she's at least 2 1/2!

'I'm kidding!!! Its pretty sick for people to insinuate that I would wax my daughters eyebrows. They are thick, natural and amazing!'

Actual lolz, tbh. [DailyMail]

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Orlando Bloom says that, despite his recent split from Miranda Kerr, he's still "completely in love with the idea of love." In a related story, my barf is completely in love with the toilet right now.

"I'm completely in love with the idea of love. Maybe I'm all misty about it because I'm playing Romeo," he confessed. (Bloom just finished a run as the male lead in a Broadway revival of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, opposite Condola Rashad's Juliet.)

He added: "But I really believe in, you know, that sort of heart-to-heart-connection."

Onscreen, at least, the 36-year-old hunk is the kind of romantic, swashbuckling hero many women dream about. But in real life?

"I'm sure I was a great disappointment to many women because I wasn't Errol Flynn," the Australian told the mag. "I'm me. I think that's got some merit."


Has anyone else here read Errol Flynn's autobiography, My Wicked Wicked Ways? Because that dude was freakaaaaayyy!!!!! [Us]

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Kelly Rowland revealed today that her fiance proposed via Skype.

"He asked me first on Skype," she recalled, laughing, "and I was like, 'We're so far away from each other.'"

"There's nothing like getting engaged in Bulgaria," Latifah said, feigning a Slavic accent. "It's the happiest thing that happened in Bulgaria that day."

"Exactly," Rowland agreed. "But it was so late, I remember we were both just kinda like, honestly, just staring at each other. And he asked me, and it was just that simple to say yes. I was like, 'I got my best friend to ride through life with.' He really is my best friend."


Let this be a lesson, ladies: If you're waiting for a proposal from your man, check your Junk folder. He may have just invited you to "connect" on LinkedIn. FOREVER. [E!]

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Edit—North West is 7 months, not 17. I know because it didn't feel that long ago, and also because I haven't killed myself upon seeing pictures of that child's over-the-top, ridiculous, diamond encrusted first birthday party.