Kim Kardashian guest-starred as Kim Kardashian on Monday night's 2 Broke Girls. You know, to keep her acting chops sharp.

In the episode, to make up for not being able to film her reality show in the cupcake shop, Kim buys a cupcake, says she'll "tweet about it," and then leaves a $100 tip, like Kim Kardashian probably does in real life. "You can't go wrong if you play yourself," she told E!

So no acting required, but Kim really wasn't that bad in Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, although she does come from the Keanu school of facial expressions.

Meanwhile that same day, the real-world Kim Kardashian sat for an interview at a tech conference about the success of her Kim Kardashian Hollywood app, a game that I admit I've played.


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