Kim Kardashian says she's not pregnant. Presumably not by Kanye West.

  • Despite whispers to the contrary, Kim K says "The rumors are absolutely not true...I'm not pregnant." The Kard-Karrying KK was sighted with the professional ego over the summer and a "friend" says they hooked up like 6 times and she got pregnant even though he wasn't into anything serious. So, those rumors are apparently not true. [People]
  • Jake Gyllenhaal says he's "kind of a foodie," which we kind of wish we could unhear. He apparently ate hearty in Sydney, where he's promoting Love and Other Drugs with Anne Hathaway. [PopSugar]
  • Katy Perry's (unmemorable) cameo on The Simpsons inexplicably boosted the show's ratings to a season high, which is sort of damning it with faint praise, but still. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Despite being blue, a jumpsuit once worn by Johnny Cash — and memorialized in the famous San Quentin flipping-the-bird pic — just sold for $50,000. The guitar on which he composed parts of "I Walk the Line" also went for 50K. [Reuters]
  • A judge has thrown out a case that charged Elisabeth Hasselbeck with stealing various gluten-free recipes from another cookbook author. Says Hasselbeck's lawyer, triumphantly, "Today's ruling is a complete victory. It confirms that Elisabeth wrote her best-selling book "The G-Free Diet" based on her own personal experiences and did not copy a thing from the plaintiff." [TMZ]
  • Kelsey Grammer is engaged to 29-year-old Kayte Walsh, the British flight attendant for whom he left Real Housewife Camille. Adding salt to the wound, Grammer's rep says, "They're very happy and very much in love. They never announced it because he wanted to be discreet and enjoy the good news privately." Um, so what's this, then? [People]
  • Willow Smith will not only be allowed to see in 2011, she'll be whipping her hair with Dick Clark. [Perez Hilton]
  • Kirsten Dunst on Ryan Gosling: "Ryan is kind and adorable, yet also really dark and weird and manipulative. Everything you'd want in an actor." We're really glad that last word was "actor." [New York]
  • Mark Zuckerberg is pleased with the wardrobe choices in The Social Network, he tells 60 Minutes. "I think that they got every single T-shirt that they had the Mark Zuckerberg character wearing right...I think I actually own those T-shirts. And they got sandals right and all that...But, I mean, there are hugely basic things that they got wrong." We would have denied the sandals, while we were at it. [NY Post]
  • Reese Witherspoon is all about Robsten. Says she of her sparklevamp costar, "[Rob] is sweet and loving and has the nicest family. Kristenis really sweet, too. He's a very sensitive soul. He worked really hard. He looks great in the movie, too." Yes, but is he manipulative? [E]
  • Brittney Jones also doesn't want her sex tape released. The alleged Ashton Kutcher fling is sending Vivid Entertainment a cease-and-desist letter re: Brittney Jones Confidential. [E]

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