Kim Kardashian Has Finally Stopped Using Her Blackberry, But Not By Choice

Image via Kimoji, Blackberry

Kim Kardashian, mother of North, Saint, and Selfies, is having a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day, and it’s all because her phone broke. But not her Lumee®-wrapped iPhone, which is presumably fine and could easily be replaced by Apple. It’s her second phone—her Blackberry—that has suffered irreparable damage.


Kim, as many of you probably know, is a vocal Blackerry fan—an unsolicited and uncompensated spokesperson, if you will. She prefers their physical keyboards to touchscreen versions on most phones of today, and has spent the past several years stockpiling the now-discontinued BlackBerry Bolds (her favorite model) on eBay to have on hand when one ultimately breaks.

In 2014, she explained her BlackBerry obsession in an interview with Recode’s Kara Swisher:

“BlackBerry has my heart and soul, I’ll never get rid of it. I do have an iPhone, and I use that for photos, but if you have an email and you need to type fast, you need to have that keyboard...They don’t even have them in stores anymore. I buy them on eBay. It’s a BlackBerry Bold. And I like to have three in my room that I line up in case they break.”

But Kimberly’s luck has run out, as she spent a chunk of her Monday afternoon publicly lamenting the lack of Blackberry Bolds on eBay.


She followed the sad story with two final tweets—each including a single Kimoji. The first: her beloved Blackberry Bold. The second: her crying face.

So if any of you have spare Blackberry Bolds (Blackberries Bold?) lying around, now’s the time to put them up on eBay. If the winning bidder ships to Calabasas, give yourself a pat on the back, for you have saved a life.

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I don’t understand anyone needed two cell phones. I just don’t. I do agree on physical keyboards though.