Kim Kardashian Goes Burqa Shopping In Dubai

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Kim Kardashian is in Dubai, where she is doing the important, urgent work of launching a fragrance and attending the opening of a milkshake store. But since Kim had a little free time, and simply loathes showing off her face and body, she and her mother went shopping for abayas and burqas. And niqabs. Does this mean Islamic attire is sexy now? Kim was also impressed with the ladies in the UAE; she tweeted: "Seriously the woman in Dubai are sooo gorgeous!!! I'm sure @RobKardashian is so jealous he didn't come w me! WOW these woman are beautiful!" [E!]

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Rihanna went to a strip club earlier this week, but got in trouble for touching the dancers. The singer allegedly "couldn't keep her hands off" the ladies writhing and even put her head between one woman's legs. The bouncers were not pleased, and gave her a talking-to. And! Because the girl just don't give a fuck, Ri was in the club with her ex-boyfriend, Matt Kemp. Hey na na. [MTV]

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Both Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts are playing Evil Queens in separate Snow White movies, and it's pretty obvious Charlize is gonna be the better villain. "She's been delicious," Theron says of playing the character. "I've been having a lot of fun. She's a total bitch!" [E!]

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Taylor Swift donated 6,000 books to a library in Reading, Pennsylvania. They were not diaries. [CBS News]

  • Even though this story has the unwieldy headline, "Beyoncé Dresses To Prove She Does Have A Bump In A Maternity Top (And Killer Heels)," the top is flowing and loose and "proves" nothing. Not that she owes us proof, but seriously, it just "proves" she is wearing a shirt. [Daily Mail]
  • In a battle between Lady Gaga and Lady Goo Goo, Lady Gaga wins. Obviously. [The Sun]
  • David and Victoria Beckham are house-hunting in France. Posh will finally be une Parisienne! Parfait. [London Evening Standard]
  • Speaking of real estate, check out the super chic Malibu mansion Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are selling for a mere $13.7 million. Gorgeous ocean views. [Daily Mail]
  • Oscar-nominated film The Kids Are All Right is being turned into an hour-long HBO series. No word on whether Mark Ruffalo will be involved, or if we will get to see Ruffles in the buffles. (It looks like probably not, but a girl can dream.) [Deadline New York]
  • Justin Bieber is a no-good troublemaker who causes mayhem, chaos and destruction everywhere he goes. [Page Six]
  • Jean Claude van Damme drove his car into a canal in Belgium. Apparently he'd had a drink, but wasn't drunk. Maybe it was an ill-conceived plot to distract us from his speech celebrating Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov? [The Sun]
  • Shit. If my pretend boyfriend has a girlfriend I'm going to have to pick a new pretend boyfriend. [Page Six]
  • When Catherine Zeta-Jones sees a piano, she has to sing. [Page Six]
  • Nookie enthusiast Fred Durst has inked a deal with CBS to star in his own half-hour comedy show. Here is an actual sentence someone in the universe had to write: "The untitled comedy, sometimes referred to as Douchebag, has received a script commitment." The show is about a rock "legend" attempting to balance his famous life and raising a family, which sounds like The Osbournes and also Limp Durst is not a fucking legend but whatever. [Deadline]
  • DMX is done with snorting blow. "I have 10 kids. I have to drive them in the right direction, so I let the cocaine go. I am on a spiritual road to do right in my life. I am leaving out all negativity and going to stay on the right road to positive." [TMZ]
  • Ne-Yo's fiancé has given birth. [Page Six]

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1. Though you've convinced me to check out Young Adult, Charlize, you will never convince me to see any movie that stars the talentless Kristen Stewart.

2. Though I'm no fan of Taylor Swift, I shall give her props for donating those books - especially since it seems that libraries is going the way of the dodo. If her donation helps to save that library, then I find that to be a job well done.

3. Is there anyone out there in the world who was a fan of Limp Bizkit/Fred Durst's music? I've yet to meet someone who is, though, to be fair, I did like that Longshots movie that he directed.

4. Earl, I hope to God that you're serious about letting that yayo go and getting on the path to recovery, as we've all seen you hit so far past rock bottom than any man (especially one that is a father) deserves to be at. Despite your many fuckups, I truly believe that you deserve a second chance at life and wish you the best at getting it and never letting go of it.