Kim Kardashian Faces Her Altered Ego

Illustration for article titled Kim Kardashian Faces Her Altered Ego

A reader tipped us to this recent picture of Kim Kardashian, which shows the reality star holding a cardboard cutout of herself that doesn't quite represent reality. Her "are you kidding me?" expression pretty much sums it up. [RHS/WENN]

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It drives me nuts that Kim Kardashian's clothes never fit her properly. This dress is bunching in the middle in a way that I find absolutely irksome. She does have a hard body type to fit but she also has a gazillion dollars for tailoring at her disposal. Is she in denial about the fact that off-the-rack clothes are not made for human women? I thought everyone knew this by now? Kim, until you spontaneously morph into the creepy cyborg from those ineffective Swedka vodka ads, clothes are not going to fit you without a tailor. Welcome to the club, literally all of us are in it.