Kim Kardashian Denies Cheating, Threatens To Sue

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Kim Kardashian is denying that she cheated on her fiancé, despite the In Touch cover story this week. Her lawyers have already sent a letter to the magazine, and now they have also sent a letter to football player Bret Lockett, warning him that if he doesn't retract his allegations, she will sue, sue, sue. [TMZ]


Bret Lockett says he has "concrete proof" that he hooked up with Kim Kardashian, and I am afraid of what that might mean, because it sounds like it might be gross. [TMZ]


Kim Kardashian says: "I knew when I got engaged that rumors and false stories were going to start, but this is RIDICULOUS!!!! In Touch Magazine is claiming that I had a five-month secret relationship with this guy… a guy I've never met, spoken to, texted, called or even heard of!" [Kim Kardashian]

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Victoria Beckham, working mom, says: "Maternity leave – what's that? I've been working incredibly hard so I'm prepared for next season… Being a working mum is hard - I think women can relate to me when I say it's like juggling glass balls. My husband and children will always be my priority. But for me, what I do professionally doesn't feel like a job - it's my passion." [Showbiz Spy]

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Paris Hilton is upset that the ladies of The View didn't have very nice things to say about her new reality show: "I've known [Barbara Walters] for years, and I really respect her as a journalist. …I think she should actually watch the show, then she'd understand more... I think they hadn't seen the show. They had only seen a clip where I'm complaining about my community service... You know, I'm not going to wake up at six in the morning and be all excited, 'Yeah, I'm doing community service!' I basically said it sucks, and I was being honest. I think they were offended by that, but I'm not really sure." [Contact Music]

One reason you might want to watch Paris Hilton's show: Brooke Mueller's drug meltdown is caught on video. [Radar Online]

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Um, in case you missed it, Nicole Kidman is making YouTube videos now. [Earlier, Digital Spy]

  • In an interview with an Italian magazine, George Clooney's girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis says: "I am a firm believer in marriage, in the future I will be married, but for the time being I am happy as I am… I don't need anything to confirm how happy I am." As we all know, confirmed bachelor George is allergic to marriage talk, so expect these two to break up any minute now. [Us Magazine]
  • Cutesad! Zuma Rossdale with his arm in a sling. [Just Jared]
  • OMFG someone is accidentally sexting Sharon Osbourne! [Contact Music]
  • None of the top winners at the CMT Music Awards were there in person to get their trophies. Taylor Swift appeared via satellite, but newleyweds Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were just no-shows. [People]
  • Here is Moby getting an electric shock that leaves him lying lifeless on the floor. All people do is take pictures. [WoW Report]
  • "Weston Cage's mother is FURIOUS with her ex Nicolas Cage — claiming her son wouldn't be in thehospital right now if not for the actor's toxic influence." [TMZ]
  • Mel Gibson is doing community service with disabled children in Guatemala. [ShowbizSpy]
  • Shania Twain has one of those Vegas residency deals. [People]
  • Did you know that Christie Brinkley is playing Roxie Hart in Chicago on Broadway? [Gatecrasher]
  • Hot new feud: Spider-Man vs. The Empire State Building. [Contact Music]
  • Ja Rule is in prison. "See y'all later," he said to his family as he was taken away in handcuffs. [E!]
  • Nice: Fantasia will star in a biopic about gospel legend Mahalia Jackson. [Page Six]
  • Check out this glam old picture of Jessica Walter — aka Arrested Development's Lucille Bluth! [WoW Report]
  • "For someone like me who is healthy, who works hard for my body, it's very frustrating. I work out and take care of myself, and not in an over-obsessive way." — LeAnn Rimes is sick of you guys saying she is too thin. [People]
  • "I'm terrible about people wanting to take pictures with me… I'm a giant baby about it. They treat you like a cartoon. There's nothing you can do except make light of it. That's if I'm in the mood. Sometimes I get superbummed." — Zach Galifianakis. [Rolling Stone]

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Victoria Beckham should take some classes with David Bowie on juggling her work/home life.