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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Vogue Cover Is Killing It

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Vogue controversial cover is on pace to outsell the magazine’s previous big stars like Beyoncé and First Lady Michelle Obama. Apparently, despite the backlash, people love this couple or maybe just baby North West.


For the age old publishing rumor saying that consumers wouldn’t buy covers with black people on them, there is now proof of the exact opposite. Can someone share this information with the next magazine editor who pitches Kate Bosworth for their fresh face spring issue? According to Radar Online, the couple's Vogue numbers are looking like Kanye’s album sales, you know, before Yeezus.

“The projections are that Kim and Kanye will likely sell almost 500,000 copies,” a magazine insider revealed.


Bey’s Vogue cover sold around 355,000 while the FLOTUS’ turn on Anna Wintour’s book racked up nearly 294,000 copies. Still, while we’re awash in blackness (yay!), we are also drowning in a lowbrow reality show win. Or at least I am. But you know me and Naomi Campbell, haters gon' hate. Maybe Wintour and her crew can call Tori and Dean, I hear they're free.

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I bought it and then preceded to take about 40 pics of the best (worst) quotes and photos from the article and sent them to my homies. It was an amazing amount of fun for $7.

For instance this photo. Stars: They're Just Like Us! and store their rando exercise equipment next to their Lambo