Kim Has Been Kanye’s ‘Rock’ Since His Hospitalization, Has Barely Left His Side

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I am certain of only three things in this world. The first thing is that Mary J. Blige’s “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” deserved the Oscar for Best Original Song in 2010. The second thing is that Mary J. Blige’s “The Living Proof” deserved the Oscar for Best Original Song in 2012. The third thing is that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have taken the very concept of love to heights so spectacular that I’m not sure they will ever be topped.


TMZ provided proof of this unprecedented romance Monday morning, writing that Kim’s “one mission” is to “help Kanye” during his recent battle with paranoia and depression. Despite her own recent trauma, she has “become his rock, maintaining almost a constant vigil at UCLA Medical Center for a week.”

They continue:

Kim, we’re told, hopes to take Kanye home as early as today, and her singular goal is to help him get better. As one source put it, “She has been an unbelievably devoted spouse. He’s a lucky man.”

Next time you sing “I Want To Know What Love Is” at karaoke, end by holding up a large photograph of Kim and Kanye together on any red carpet.


This bizarrely worded headline from a magazine known for dropping bombshells about Olivia Newton-John’s ex-boyfriend who may or may not be dead and revealing the truth about Rebel Wilson’s age and name almost claims Kate Hudson is Brad Pitt’s rebound, until you look closely:

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Does that mean they are the perfect couple, or would they just make the perfect couple? Let’s read more.

In a world exclusive interview with Woman’s Day, celeb security guard Kris Herzog – who has also worked with Brad and Angelina – agrees Brad, 52, and 37-year-old Kate would be a match made in Hollywood heaven.


Hmmm. Let’s keep going.

“I know both Kate and Brad, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were dating!”

Advertisement’re saying you have reason to believe they are?

“Brad would be lucky to date her. They make a great celebrity couple!”

OK, so they’re not. Got it. Thanks, Kris.

[Woman’s Day]

This is actually cute.


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Okay so isn’t that what a wife/husband should do when spouse has a breakdown like that? Stay by their side and do everything possible to help them get better?

Why is this breaking news?

OMG Kim Kardashian acted like a normal human being today.