Kim Cattrall Will Not Be Answering Any Questions About Bikini Waxes, Thank You Very Much

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Kim Cattrall snapped at a "stupid" reporter who asked her for "intimate details of her grooming regime" at the premiere of her new movie Meet Monica Velour on Tuesday.

WENN reports that after being asked by the female correspondent whether she indulges in bikini waxes, 54-year-old Cattrall replied: "That's a stupid question. You're a smart girl. How could you want to write that?"

Cattrall allegedly proceeded to bad-mouth gossip columns and ended the exchange when she discovered that the reporter had not yet seen her movie, angrily asking: "Why are you even here?"

While the actress admitted she'd been drinking alcohol prior to the red carpet event, I think the incident —while perhaps clumsily executed— is kind of awesome. It's pretty rare to hear an actress challenging a reporter for feeding her questions about her beauty regimen and little else.

It'd be interesting to see what could happen if more women —"drunk" or sober— followed her lead.


Kim Cattrall blasts "stupid" waxing reporter [Digital Spy]

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liz.lemonade: She is beyond good and evil.

Does this movie feature full-frontal nudity and/or multiple scenes in which Cattrall's character discusses her beauty regimen? Does the plot have anything to do with bikini waxes? If not — and I predict it doesn't — then why the hell would a reporter even ask that!?

I'm pretty sure that, 15 years after ER, reporters don't ask George Clooney his thoughts on emergency room medicine. Oh, wait. He's a man. Uh, I don't recall seeing red carpet questions for Jennifer Anniston about the Central Perk. So why does this reporter (and from what little I know of Cattrall, she gets this way too often) think that she's still Sex and the City and nothing else? *sigh*

ETA: Did anyone else see her on that genealogy show? She was smart and down-to-earth and really lovely — and totally not what I would've expected if I assumed she was just Samantha Jones incarnate.