Kiernan Shipka Says She and Amandla Stenberg Were Once in a Lunchables Commercial Together

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I had no idea that Lunchables, which I associate with unearthly childhood bliss on nearly the level of Dunkaroos, was also a star machine!

According to former Mad Men actor Kiernan Shipka’s Instagram post—whose comment section Perez Hilton and Teen Vogue thoroughly combed so you don’t have to—published Thursday, this photograph of her and actor-singer Amandla Stenberg was taken sometime during a Lunchables commercial shoot. Oh and the little boy child is Dylan Sprayberry of Teen Wolf fame. Shipka and Stenberg are good friends who have experienced several important milestones together, including grabbing breakfast with Lorde.


Shipka writes in the comments section, in response to a note from Sprayberry asking where the pic was taken, “a lunchables commercial. Can you believe it? lol.” I appreciate the fact that child actors can forget they were ever in a Lunchables commercial only to be reminded years later with a remark so blithe it sounds as if they were referencing playing hooky.

Sprayberry replied, “That’s so hilarious. I wanna see this commercial! Didn’t we film it at a school somewhere?” Haha I hope Dylan is confusing shooting this Lunchables commercial with going to school. Being a child actor sounds disorienting and weird! But also…free Lunchables!

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John Boehner

I, too, wish these were kinder times where all of us on the soccer team said FUCK YOU to the moms who brought orange slices for halftime snacks, while we all cheered for and wanted to sleepover at the house of the girl whose mom brought Dunkaroos.

(Biggest fuck you to the dads who didnt do shit, though)