Kids Want Dog Poop For Christmas

Christmas is coming (in several months), and British kids' heads are already swimming with visions of sugarplums — and dog poop. Yes, apparently the "it toy" in the UK this season is an adorable pooping dachshund.


According to the Telegraph, the Doggie Doo game, which sells for about $40, "gives players a chance to scoop up as many plasticine Dachshund dog faeces as possible in order to win." That's apparently so fun that the toy tops the Toy Retailers' Association "Dream Dozen" toys list. Toys on the list are chosen for "maximum play value," meaning the TRA folks think kids will have hours of fun picking up fake dog shit.

It's unclear whether kids will confirm the TRA's suspicions, but they do appear to like the toy — mostly because it makes gross noises. The Guardian recounts several boys' encounter with Doggie Doo:

Freddie and Harry were swiftly joined by two other 10- and 11-year-old boys, who were all soon laughing raucously at the poo sounds being released by the plastic dog. Harry's mum looked less impressed.

And honestly, just the fact that Doggie Doo has been named a toy to watch will probably ensure its popularity. Media coverage has fed toy fads in the past (remember the Furby?), and such things can become a vicious cycle — kids pick up on the fact that they're supposed to want a toy, and suddenly they want it. The more kids want it, the more it flies off shelves, the more coverage it gets, and the more kids want it. In fact, you could probably make an actual piece of dog shit into the year's big toy if you marketed it just right.

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