Kids & Dirty Lyrics: What's Okay?

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Some people love to sing along with pop songs, even if they're suggestive. Lyrics like, "I'll get him hot, show him what I've got," and "If you seek Amy," which sounds like "f-u-c-k me." But what if the people in question are kids?


In a story about young Lady GaGa copycats on YouTube, Strollerderby's Hannah Tennant-Moore writes,

I'm not one to get too bent out of shape if I hear kids singing along with Lady GaGa or Beyoncé. Throughout elementary school, I listened to songs with risqué lyrics (I remember performing a dance to "Like a Virgin" to my shell-shocked parents in fourth grade), and I didn't end up pole dancing for a living.

I have to agree with Tennant-Moore; I've admitted to dressing up up like a Playboy Bunny for Halloween when I was 13, and I definitely sang along to filthy/titillating lyrics from Prince, Madonna, et al. From "Daring Nikki" to "Push Push In The Bush," being inundated with racy pop culture as a kid did not mean that I grew into some kind of wanton strumpet. [coughSLUTTYFEMINISTcough.] Urinating on video aside, I think that my early interest in "dirty" songs — and later attraction to Anais Nin writings and the ancient Roman text known as The Priapea have had no effect on my being a generally upstanding person with a tightly wound moral compass.

That said, if I saw a little kid singing "F-U-C-K me," I would be appalled. It's not appropriate. But what about children posting videos to YouTube while singing sugestive lyrics? When the little Lady GaGa wannabe, seen in the video below, gives sassy eyes and says she's "bluffin" with her "muffin," does it seem a little too sexualized? Or is she just a kid, having fun?

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BiBi Virtue

What does 'Bluffin with my Muffin' mean?

I sang a lot of songs with dirty lyrics when I was a little 'un ie. I Wanna Sex You Up and Like A Virgin. But I didn't know what they meant, I knew that they were a bit rude but they were subject to my Mum's 'Only In The House' rule.