Kids Are Super Boring, Say Parents

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Here's a fairly depressing statistic: according to a poll taken by Disneyland Paris, 30% of parents say playing with their children is "boring." In related news, 100% of children think this boring poll is boring, Boringface!

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As cute as little kids are, I like the ones that are older and kind of obnoxious. I have four nephews, aged 19, 8, 4, and 5 months old. The 5 month old is the cutest little ginge baby you've ever seen and he makes me SQUEE...but he's a baby. He get's a little boring sometimes and he cries a lot. The 4 year old is creepy and stands silently in corners hiding behind curtains. However, the 8 year old is amazing and we get along famously. He's at the know-it-all stage and I'm also a self-proclaimed know-it-all so we just hang out and have insane conversations about zoo animals, pudding, baseball, trees, the Titanic etc.

Playing with toddlers is nothing compared to outwitting an 8 year old smartass.

(I know, I'm the world's best aunt).