Khloe Kardashian: No Cocaine at Kylie and Kendall's Graduation Party

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Khloe Kardashian would like to reassure everyone that there was absolutely no cocaine at Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s high school graduation party. The rumor started when Kylie shared a clip of Khloe twerking on Snapchat, the man who watches appears to take out a small container, dip in his finger, and then put something in his mouth. But it wasn’t cocaine, it was a Jell-O shot. “Just say no to drugs kids,” Khloe wrote on Twitter. “Drugs so not our style.” But the Kardashians can’t resist Jell-O shots, now the preferred drink of the Kardashian empire.



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Hello! What do we think of J Lo’s dress for her 46th birthday? I think she looks fucking amazing and while I like the cutouts on the dress, I’m meh on the style. It’s the same naked look she always does and has been doing for like the past six years, just with a different sheer material. I’m bored with this look on her. It’s sexy yes, but there is nothing creatively exciting about her style anymore. It’s just strategically placed material to shield the good bits. But I guess if sexy is the point then she’s always on top of it. J Lo’s not trying to cause any fashion shake ups.

Also I don’t like the make up here and I’m not sure why. The lips make me think of caramel coating, which sounds delicious and looks sexy, and that’s kinda awesome, but it doesn’t suit the rest of her makeup.