Kevin Smith Suffers 'Massive Heart Attack,' Says He ‘Almost Died’

Early Monday morning, director and comedian Kevin Smith tweeted that he had just suffered a “massive heart attack” (the kind commonly referred to as a widowmaker) soon after performing a stand-up set in Glendale, California, Sunday night.


The director of cult classics like Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy shared the news alongside a selfie of him in a hospital bed, adding that his LAD artery was “100%” blocked, and that he would have died had he not gone to the hospital instead of performing his second show of the night.

You may remember that fitness guru Bob Harper suffered a widowmaker last year. He’s doing just fine.


There is a very good chance—I’m making the “very good” part up, sorry, there’s just a chance—that Liam Payne and Cheryl Ann Tweedy will soon call it quits. A website called Daily Record (no clue) claims Tweedy (it’s fun calling her by her last name) is planning on taking their baby (named Bear in case you forgot) and moving the hell out.

They write:

It is thought Cheryl made the decision to move out after Liam failed to return home for weeks - and didn’t even accompany her home after the Brits last week.


Sometimes it takes two paragraphs of typing to realize you have no interest in a given subject. Weird.

[Daily Record]

Justin Theroux has posted his first Instagram since his split from Jennifer Aniston and it reveals......................................... his love of puppies.


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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

The Kevin Smith Heart attack is terrifying. It feels like we came of age together. I lost interest in his movies years ago, but he seems like a good dude.