Kevin Hart On His Drunken Behavior at the Super Bowl: 'Who Gives a Shit? Go Eagles!'

In a video uploaded to Instagram while still a little “tipsy,” Kevin Hart commented on his behavior after the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl on Sunday night—specifically his failed attempt to run onstage with the people carrying the big trophy.

“To all the kids out there, I just wanna say don’t drink,” he begins in the minute-long video. “When alcohol is in your system you do dumb stuff. Me trying to go onstage with the trophy is definitely in the top two stupidest things I’ve ever done but who cares? The Eagles won the Super Bowl!”

Hart goes on to say that his wife Eniko Parrish tried to stop him from making a fool of himself on national television last night, but that he told her, “beep no, chill out,” before ignoring her advice and, uh, making a fool of himself on national television.


While I didn’t watch last night’s game, Hart’s final comments are pretty much aligned with what little I know about Eagles fans. “Who gives a shit?” Hart screamed. “Go Eagles! Fly Eagles fly! Fuck it!”


The folks at Radar Online have published even more snippets from what they claim is a listing for Bethenny Frankel’s personal assistant job. Though it’s unclear how anyone verified that the listing (in which the client is described as an anonymous “high profile” celebrity) was for Frankel, I’m going to use my gut and trust that this is the real deal.


Last week, Page Six revealed the description’s “long list of requirements” include wardrobe organization, frequent travel to the client’s “second home” in the Hamptons, and “managing her dog’s busy schedule.” Wrote Page Six’s Oli Coleman, “Frankel-y this job sounds like a nightmare.”

But my favorite bit about this job hunt came from an anonymous source who told Radar Online about Frankel’s ideal candidate:

“She is telling all applicants in the first interview that drinking and substance abuse of any kind will not be tolerated...She also said that she would love a gay man who has a clean record.


[Radar Online]

Per usual, Leah Remini is not having it.


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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

Per Leah Remini, my wife and I were both shocked and amazed at the Scientology commercial. It was only surpassed by the Ram Trucks/MLK spot as the most offensive commercial of the night.