Kesha's 'Little Bit of Love' Is Jolly, Sweet, Cat-Internet Nostalgia

Sure: Kesha, “Little Bit of Love” - This song strikes me as something Katy Perry should be doing right now, instead of whatever it is that she is doing—a playfully PG-13 pop song with an earworm chorus, a thin message about needing some temporary lovin’, and that’s it—a surefire course to at least some semblance of relevancy. But then again, Perry is nowhere near as spirited as Kesha, so perhaps it would never work. Anyway, this song is jolly and sweet and the music video is so cat-heavy it feels like Web 2.0 nostalgia and you know what? We might already be there. Never forget who came up with the first “Tik Tok.” —Maria Sherman


Y: The Rolling Stones, “Scarlet” (music video featuring actor Paul Mescal) - Dependable like a Honda featuring cutie from Normal People. Smart. —Ashley Reese

Sí: Buscabulla, “Vámono” (Ela Minus Remix) - Last year, Buscabulla (the electro-duo of Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle) moved back home to Puerto Rico after living in New York and released “Vámono,” a song that now reads like the beginning of their Regresa era. The album doubles as a love letter to their home while celebrating the complexities of connecting with your roots—and the acts of resistance that can follow. The Ela Minus remix digitizes the drum cadences of the original “Vámono,” giving it an ascending quality—the sense of peace and calm that comes with embracing who you are. It’s really powerful work, in all its forms. —MS

Y: Palberta, “Something In The Way” - This new one from New York’s favorite skronk trio Palberta, “Something In The Way,” is the crispest and most melodic the band has ever sounded—indicative of cleaner production, sure, but maybe also where the inspiration of the song came from: John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme. I can’t wait to hear more. —MS


No: Blink-182, “Quarantine” - The modern-day Blink-182 lineup should quarantine itself from writing such hamfisted tunes for our trying days. The riffs, however, are fine. —MS


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Literally the only one this week that made me feel anything was the one you panned, and then only because Travis Barker is one of the greatest drummers of his generation.

All I could hear Mick Jagger yelling was “star love!”