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Kerry Washington Says Obviously Not All Celebs Work Out Like Crazy After Pregnancy

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

Even as more people have become aware of the inanity of “post-baby body” articles that pop up after famous women give birth, that hasn’t stopped celebrity rags from indulging in this tradition. See: People’s story this month about Megan Fox posing in lingerie “post-baby.” Or last summer, when Chrissy Teigen’s “post-baby body” was a subject of obsession. Even still, OK! is stuck on it: “WOW! This New Pic Of Chrissy Teigen in A Swimsuit Will Give You Post-Baby Body Goals.”


Kerry Washington, who had her second kid, a boy, in October 2016, says in her case, seeing rumors that suggested she began working out right after pregnancy upset her. She told People in a recent interview:

“My doctor made me take my six weeks off, and I did,” says Washington, 40. “It was really important to me to have that downtime and then start working out slowly, which I’m still doing, I am still slowly getting back into it.”


But she didn’t want to contribute to “post-baby body” expectations:

“It was rumored somewhere that I was working out a week or two after he was born and it really upset me, actually. I never talk about rumors in the media, but I was really sad that somebody printed that because I felt like, ‘Oh, that makes women feel like they have to start working out’ — like, ‘Oh, celebrities work out right away.’ And I was like, ‘No way!’”

Kerry works out a lot but says she did not work out a week after labor, although, to be fair, part of that was her following doctor’s orders. She had a similar critique about the pressure to bounce back, after having her daughter in 2014.

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Forget hearing it from tabloids, it was my mother that bugged me the most. She’d been side-eyeing my weight gain all the second half. I had a summer baby and was hugely swollen. I gained 30 actual lbs which is a bit more than necessarily but peed away like 15 lbs in the first postpartum weeks. This was a problem for her apparently.

She kept telling me to “get out and walk”. I had an hour and a half of pushing and a second degree tear (she pushed for an average of 6 mins with all her kids). She was telling me to walk when I couldn’t even sit until the 4/5 week. She couldn’t understand why I wasn’t right out there cause she had an episiotomy and was fine. Yea well 6 mins vs 90 has a DIFFERENT EFFECT.