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Kerry Washington Is Executive Producing a Show About Woman Cops for ABC

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

Kerry Washington is working behind the camera on a non-Scandal drama about the LAPD as part of her recent development deal with ABC.


Variety reports that Washington will executive-produce the show Patrol, the second project under her production company Simpson Street, following the HBO Anita Hill film Confirmation.

This forthcoming cop series is described, per Variety, as “a workplace drama about four female LAPD officers who attended the police academy together five years ago and are forced to reconnect after a high-stakes, traumatic secret returns to haunt them.”


Cue Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” [Maniacal laugh] Excellent.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Sparky Polastry

Damn, my guess was hospital show. It turns out, it’s a cop show. Don’t I feel like the fuckin’ asshole