Kentucky Frat Boys Use Powers for Good, Make 37 Children's Taylor Swift Dreams Come True

Of the checkered but considerable assortment of powers in the American fraternity boy’s arsenal, goofiness is the best one by a long shot—and the Delta Sig bros at Transylvania University have made the best of their considerable goofiness to send 37 children from their local Big Brothers and Big Sisters to go see Taylor Swift.

Via WKYT, the brothers made this “Shake It Off” lip-sync video in 2014, drawing attention to a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fundraising page and then, after the video went big, subsequently drawing the attention of none other than Taylor herself.


She followed through, and so did Delta Sig—by donating their tickets to a bunch of kiddos, one of whom says in this news clip that it was her first time going to a concert.

It’s truly inspiring to see ~20 young men using their desire to sing girly pop songs in very close proximity to each other for good. For more Delta Sig, check out this older video, also set in the beautiful, green-accented, presumably vampire-themed dorm hallways of Transylvania U.

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