Kendrick Lamar's Self-Love Anthem 'i' Gets NBA Love

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Who didn't see this coming? Despite the mixed reviews of Kendrick Lamar's latest single, "i," there are benefits to making a universal anthem about self-love. Like having that song become a promotional soundtrack for the National Basketball Association.


Because basketball players really love themselves, the NBA is using "i" (lower case, natch) to promote its upcoming 2014-2015 NBA season in videos. Kendrick will perform the single during an NBA/TNT concert on Oct. 30.

This is another win for him because "i" also soundtracks Chris Rock's Top Five trailer. As well, it's one small step in the direction of forgetting that Macklemore happened.


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All the hate for Macklemore... and yet two years ago everyone bought the album.

I'm wondering when Kendrick Lamar will be Macklemore now. Why do we have to hate everyone after we like them?