Kendall Jenner's Stalker Released and Re-arrested in Mere Hours

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John Ford, a 37-year old Canadian man previously charged with stalking Kendall Jenner, was released from prison, then re-arrested less than 48 hours later. Ford, who was arrested last night, is held on $30,000 bond for charges of criminal trespassing, a misdemeanor which could carry up to 6 months in prison. Due to prison overcrowding, he is likely to be released within days. Ford is unlikely to be deported because he is charged with a misdemeanor.


Ford has repeatedly scaled the gated mountainside community where Jenner resides, and has been spotted at Jenner’s pool. On Tuesday, Ford was found on Jenner’s front porch and arrested for trespassing. He was immediately placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold, but doctors found him mentally stable and he was released. The second arrest did not occur at Jenner’s property. For now, her best bet is beefing up her private security and attaining a civil restraining order.


J Prince Declares Drake/Pusha T Beef Over

This week has wrought new developments regarding the now dormant beef between Pusha T and Drake. Drake said Kanye stole a beat, and generally betrayed his trust. It was also revealed that Pusha was made aware of Drake’s new fatherhood by Drizzy’s own producer, 40. Now J Prince, CEO of Rap-A-Lot records, and soon-to-be memoirist, has deigned the beef done. It was J Prince who allegedly intervened a few months back and prevented Drake from responding. Now he is calling Pusha T an “ant,” who is not on Drake’s level, and ergo, has nothing to worry about. What an odd, backhanded favor, which benefits none of us.

Per J Prince, the feud is finished. Hopefully, for the sake of my own entertainment, one of the men awakens in the middle of the night, with sweat on his brow and a fire 16 rumbling in his belly, and disregards the advice.


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Does someone have to die before they really do something about stalkers? Kendall already lives in a gated community, has security guards. I feel awful for anyone who has these kind of problems, not being able to feel safe as home is the worst.