Kendall Jenner Would Like You All to Know That She Smokes Weed

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Kendall Jenner very bravely came out as a “stoner” on a recent episode of the podcast “Sibling Rivalry with Kate Hudson and and Oliver Hudson.” Kendall appeared on the show with eldest Kardashian sister Kourtney, and got this confession off her chest during a lightning round of questions from the hosts. When Oliver asked, “If there was a stoner who would it be?” Kourtney immediately said, “Kendall,” and she agreed.


“I am a stoner,” Kendall said, echoing the words of many a teen being offered weed for the first time. “No one knows that, so that’s the first time I’ve ever really said anything out there.”

We appreciate your candor, Kendall, regarding legal substances available for consumption in California.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend celebrated seven years of marriage and 14 years together on Monday. Their children Luna and Miles, whose faces are their parents’ exact faces, wished them well in a pair on videos Teigen posted to Instagram, one where Luna exclaims, “Happy anniversary!” and another, where Teigen inquires as to why Miles, the youngest of the two, has taken a marker to a wedding photo of her and Legend. He very sweetly owns up to it.

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The only thing more boring then people talking about smoking weed is when they inform people they stopped smoking weed.

I need to nap for a couple years so someone wake me after Kendall arrives at that point.