Kendall Jenner Will Not Be Answering Any Questions About Her Pepsi Ad at Coachella

Screenshot: Youtube
Screenshot: Youtube

Kendall Jenner will continue to exude radio silence on the matter of her explosively dumb and controversial Pepsi ad at Coachella.


TMZ reported on Saturday that, according to “Kendall sources,” the model-pariah, who has made herself extremely scarce since the ad aired 10 days ago, finally has some new interviews lined up at the music festival, and her management is requesting that all questions be submitted in advance.


Nothing too abnormal about that, perhaps, but this time the request comes with an additional caveat that there be, “no direct or indirect mention of her failed Pepsi ad,” according to TMZ.

Journalists who defy this simple rule do so at their professional peril, or something. TMZ writes that if a member of the press steps out of line, Kendall “will be immediately pulled from the interview and the outlet will forever be persona non grata.”

Bummer. What is even the point of covering Coachella if you can’t pop open a refreshing Pepsi in font of an obscenely famous 21-year-old, or wear an off-the-shoulder T-shirt that says “We also apologize for putting Kendall Jenner in this position” to an interview?

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Jesus Kendall, maybe go out there and do something that shows you aren’t as tone-deaf as this ad made you seem? Join a protest, donate some money, be willing to get arrested to make a point? If you are still butt-hurt about the Pepsi ad you could always just, you know, prove the critics wrong.

But there’s no money to be made in that so...