Kendall Jenner Robbed of $200K in Jewels

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Kendall Jenner was robbed of $200,000 in jewels on Wednesday, though luckily the details are considerably less terrifying than the ones regarding her big sister’s robbery late last year.


TMZ reports the model returned to her home at 8:00 pm last night after seven hours out and about. Everything seemed fine when she got back, and she spent a typical night at home (which probably involves, like, kale chips, lemon water, and FaceTimes with Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid) before heading to her bedroom, where she “realized some of her jewelry was missing.” Jenner then called the cops, who found no signs of forced entry.

I don’t mean to point fingers, but I am finding myself wondering whether or not Jonathan Cheban has one of her spare keys.


When she isn’t stressing the fact that she and estranged husband Brad Pitt will “always be family,” Angelina Jolie can often be found at the United Nations doing her part to make the world a better place. During a speech in Geneva on Wednesday, the director/actor/humanitarian “made a strong defense” of the UN and denounced the policies and behavior of people who sound a lot like Donald Trump (though she didn’t mention him by name).

Jolie said, in part:

“[There is a] rising tide of nationalism masquerading as populism, and the re-emergence of policies encouraging fear and hatred of others...We have to recognize the damage we do when we undermine the U.N., or use it selectively, or not at all. There is not a single humanitarian appeal anywhere in the world that is funded by even by half of what is required.”


She then called the UN “imperfect” but stressed that it was important to never “throw in the towel.”

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt was, I don’t know, texting George Clooney an emoji of a smiley face smoking a joint? Yeah, that sounds right.


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I hate this headline SO MUCH. It, the, flame, flames, flames, on the side of my face.

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