Kendall Jenner Parties, Maybe Doesn't Tip [Updated]

This afternoon, popular Brooklyn bar/venue Baby’s All Right published an Instagram photo of what appears to be a receipt from Kendall Jenner that didn’t include a tip on a $24 charge. It did include a very large autograph, however. Is that a J and a K? Can anyone help me out?


Jenner has indeed been in New York recently; she was at Baby’s for A$AP Twelvyy’s album release party, and today, she was photographed leaving from JFK. We’ve reached out to Baby’s All Right and Jenner’s management for comment, and will update if we hear back.

UPDATE, 8/8: Kendall tweeted that she tipped in cash, and Baby’s All Right deleted their Instagram post.

UPDATE, 8/9: Folks—the drama continues, and Baby’s has reposted the original Instagram.



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