Kendall Jenner Is 'Traumatized' By the Backlash Over Her Pepsi Ad

Screenshot via YouTube
Screenshot via YouTube

Damn, poor Kendall Jenner. She just wanted to broker peace by handing a cop a Pepsi, but instead, everyone hates her. She briefly fled to Paris, but returned to LA yesterday, for some reason, where it seems things have not improved.


“Kendall was grateful for the change,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She is really traumatized over the Pepsi backlash.”

“She had such high hopes for it,” the source continued, “and now she’s terrified she will never work again or become a laughing stock.”

Kendall has always been on on the shy side and having such controversial attention hit her hard. “The world sees her as this glamorous, sophisticated, jet-setting woman, but she’s only 21 and she’s very sensitive,” the insider told us. “This has been very painful and embarrassing to her.”


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Chris Pratt serenaded a pastry on a boat, as one does:


Vin Diesel wants us to know that his feud with The Rock is really not that big a deal. The Rock is family. And sometimes families disagree, like on Thanksgiving or on the set of your decades-long car movie franchise. Here, gather ‘round the Us Weekly and let Papa Vin explain:

“I don’t think the world really realizes how close we are, in a weird way,” Diesel, 49, said of Johnson, 44. “I think some things may be blown out of proportion. I don’t think that was his intention. I know he appreciates how much I work this franchise. In my house, he’s Uncle Dwayne.”


Papa Vin did not elaborate on his alleged long-running feud with his Fast & Furious co-star, but he did say this, is:

“I protect the franchise. I protect everybody including Dwayne,” he told the outlet. “I protected Dwayne more than he’ll ever know. And it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t have to know. But he appreciates it. He knows it.”

Diesel added, “Dwayne has only got one Vin in his life. Dwayne Johnson only has one big brother in this film world and that’s me.”


[Us Weekly via USA Today]

A relationship is not a relationship until you’ve put it on Instagram, as the Weeknd and Selena Gomez are well aware. Maybe they’ll take this one down, but for now:

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I imagine that when you belong to the kind of shallow, narcissistic world that the Kardashian clan has built for themselves then the smallest bit of criticism must be really hard to take.