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Kendall Jenner Celebrates Fourth of July by Hanging Out in a Mansion

Illustration for article titled Kendall Jenner Celebrates Fourth of July by Hanging Out in a Mansion

This is the age of the sharing economy, everyone, so what better way for Kendall Jenner to be her most ‘Murrican self this past Fourth of July weekend than by hanging out in a $30 million mansion that also moonlights as an Airbnb?


According to Refinery29, the Malibu mansion Kendall opted for—which goes for $2,200 a night—is located on a gated street in the affluent community, and has three bedrooms (which includes a master bedroom with a view of the ocean), three bathrooms, a rooftop patio, an in-house gym, an indoor Jacuzzi, and an outdoor hot tub. (Not listed: the compounded bitterness of the proletariat.)

And don’t forget the requisite Instagram post:


Kardashians, capitalism, and Instagram filters: what gets more American than that?


Fifth Harmony is standing by the actions of their security detail after a video of one of their personnel elbowing fans out of the way went viral on social media.

The footage, which shows a guard blocking fans from encroaching upon members of the girl group in a hotel lobby in Rio de Janeiro, lead to accusations of “inappropriate touching” and manhandling from fans in previous incidents, according to EOnline.

“We have been really busy working and making sure that you guys have as amazing of an experience with us as possible,” 5H wrote in a statement on Twitter. “But we feel like sometimes you guys forget that there are only 5 of us versus the hundreds of you.”


The group, which admitted that they had beefed up their security detail, cited the death of singer Christine Grimmie earlier this year as one of the major reasons why.


“Our security team is set up and in place to protect us and our privacy when people go beyond normal boundaries,” they added. “We’ve seen all over Twitter outrage over one of our security guards attacking and trying to inappropriately touch one of our fans and we wanted to put out a statement calling out this lie.”

In their statement, the members of Fifth Harmony—Ally Brooke, Camila Cabello, Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane and Normani Kordei—went on to describe their version of events:

“The girl tried to come to Lauren and Dinah’s doors and the security we hired were with us speaking to us and making sure we were safe. We saw this girl lie to them about where she was staying and where her actual room was, tell them to ‘shut the f—k up and stop talking’ and then proceed to try and lunge towards Lauren’s room so she could get a note to her. The security guards who ushered her away and made sure she didn’t follow through were doing their jobs of protecting us. Especially in light of recent events like the shooting [of Christine Grimmie], we can’t ever be too safe with our personal space and protection.

The security guard did nothing but try to make sure the girl went back down the stairs to where she was actually staying. She combated [sic] and fought to break free of their directing her and in the process was shouting that they were touching her and trying to take her clothes off.”


After reiterating their corroborated eyewitness testimony, 5H assured their followers that their security team “would never intentionally harm” their fans.

“We will continue to support our security team in making sure that they protect the boundaries so many people seem to think they’re entitled to disrespect,” they concluded.



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Adrastra, patron saint of not giving a fuck

I am not from California, so someone please explain: why would you bother to rent a mansion in a metropolitan area you already live in, specifically the city that your dad (last time I watched KUWTK they were still calling her dad) also has a beachside mansion in?