Kellyanne Conway Doesn't Think Trump Was Bothered When Artists Told Him Not to Use Their Music

Image via screengrab.
Image via screengrab.

A TMZ paparazzo on the political beat managed to nab Kellyanne Conway while she was pinballing around DC in a Kellyanne Conway-sized Louis Vuitton scarf Thursday morning. Once brought to a halt, the Trump campaign manager was asked some questions about the President-elect’s musical tastes that she was more than happy to answer.


“On your down time,” the reporter says, “what do you guys listen to?” After playing Simple_Laugh_7A, Conway responds:

“Donald Trump is a huge Elton John fan, so we often have that on the plane...He’s a great music enthusiast, actually. He’s a great music enthusiast. So you can find us dancing in the aisles of Air Trump once in a while.”


The image of Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway dancing in the aisles of Air Trump to “Benny and the Jets” is as frightening as anything David Lynch has ever filmed, but such horrors weren’t enough to keep TMZ from asking more questions.

When the subject of Trump’s many battles with musical artists (including Elton John) who banned him from using their songs during his campaign events was brought up, Conway was happy to share that those prohibitions didn’t bug Trump one single bit.

“I don’t think it bothered Mr. Trump,” she said. “He believes in individual liberty and freedom of expression and the first amendment. It doesn’t bother him and he doesn’t like their music any less.”

I call bullshit. Someone who sends late-night tweets about despising Alec Baldwin’s impression of him is not merely laughing off artist after artist who prohibits him from playing their music at rallies.


And as for his alleged belief “in freedom of expression,” Conway suggested mere weeks ago that Trump is actually quite bothered by it, adding that a person using their first amendment right to “tell Americans what’s important to them” is a bunch of “nonsense.” But he loves dancing to Elton John! Isn’t that charming?

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