Kelly Ripa Drinks Wine From Own Bra

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This morning on Live! with Kelly, a Reeg-less Ripa demonstrated her booze acumen by donning a Wine Rack on air.


For the uninitiated, a Wine Rack is a set of two chest mounted booze bladders that sort of goes on like a bra. You don't have to fill it with wine, per se; you can fill it with vodka or beer or water or whatever. It makes you look like you're wearing two liquid filled bags strapped to your chest, or that you're six and you've shoved balled up socks in your shirt and are pretending you have boobs.

Kelly had a good time trying out the contraption alongside cohost Jerry Seinfeld, who was all, "What's the deal with that?"


If you're interested in purchasing a Wine Rack of your very own for your next concert, sporting event, or emotionally exhausting blind date, unfortunately, it's currently on backorder. Guess you'll just have to make due with ziplock bags of grain alcohol in your pants.

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I it. Although seeing as I'm already having troubles with my expanding cup size (I keep gaining weight and a good bit of it keeps going there and that is a good thing except for buying bras and button-down shirts), I can only imagine what I would look like. It makes Kelly Ripa look busty - I would move past wench into ridiculous. Although I probably would not notice, were I drinking alcohol out of it. Imagine the possibilities!