Hello! Let’s get right into Sunday Night’s filler episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In the coming weeks, more Scott and Lamar (!!!!!!) drama unfolds, but this week we were left with App Launches and tattered clothes.

In this week’s episode the A-Plot was the girls’ App Launch in New York City; the B-Plot was Kanye West’s Fashion Show; and the C-Plot was Kylie Jenner’s unprofessionalism. Come on, now! #LEGGO

Scene 1: Filmed on July 6, 2015

At Kris Jenner’s house, Kris Jenner entertains her eldest daughters, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe. Detailing the woes of flying commercial, they think it’s time that the Kardashian/Jenner bunch pony up the funds to buy their own aircraft. Khloe lovingly calls it Kardashian Aviation but is slightly affected by the $5 million price tag that comes with the purchase. Kim, who probably has her own plane she hasn’t told any of them about, remembers when Tyler Perry offered to sell her one of his aircrafts. Oh boy. The Kardashian’s first jaunt into airplane retail was filmed on July 6, 2015.

Scene 2: Filmed on August 13, 2015

At Khloe’s house, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim discuss their upcoming app launch. They have a trip to New York City planned which will be the reveal. Kourtney is feeling left out, because unlike her sisters, her app isn’t ready. She thinks that the manufacturers don’t get her as a person, and therefore can’t create a suitable app in time. She complains that they only see her as a “mom” but she’s “a person who does other things” and wants those unspecified “things” included in the app. Kourtney also thinks that her sisters and bosses need to cut her some slack because during the main development stages, she was at the tail end of her pregnancy or she had just had Reign. Her sisters aren’t buying it and simply think she “dropped the ball” on this project. Kourtney’s work ethic intervention was filmed on August 13, 2015.

Scene 4: Filmed on September 9, 2015

Kourtney visits Kris Jenner at Kris Jenner’s house with two of her children, Mason and Penelope. Kris is in her garage rummaging through Kim’s maternity wear. Kris tells Kourtney about Kim’s body double who comes over, puts on a prosthetic stomach, tries on Kim’s potential outfits for her, gets photographed in the look, and then leaves. Kim is apparently too tired to take part in that arduous task, so it only makes sense to hire a proxy! Well...I....oh...okay. Kourtney’s only response to this outlandish behavior is that the body double’s body doesn’t look as full as Kim’s.

Kris and Kourtney move their conversation inside, where Kris tells Kourtney that she’s excited she decided to join her sisters in New York for “the girls” app launch. This pisses Kourtney straight off. She tells Kris that if her unfinished app isn’t going to be discussed then she needs to let her know now so that babygirl can cancel her travel. But, like Kim and Khloe, Kris wonders why Kourtney’s app is so late. From Kris’ end, she’s hearing that Kourtney had been canceling meetings and not meeting deadlines. Kourtney reminds her mom that meetings were moved because she just had a baby and requested two months time to solely care for her child. Kris, Mama, why are you not giving your literal girl maternity leave!?! Kourtney, still pissed that everyone thinks she’s failed the team with a delinquent launch, forces Kris to get the developer, Jeff, on the phone so he can tell Kris just why Kourtney’s app won’t launch with her sisters. This scene was filmed on September 9, 2015.

Scene 5: Filmed on September 9, 2015

Upstairs at Kris Jenner’s house, Kris Jenner and Kourtney get Jeff on Line 1. Also on the line is Jeff’s colleague, Jen. Jeff and Jenn explain that Kourtney’s app isn’t launching because while she tried to take maternity leave, which was phrased as a “lull in communication” by Jen, she missed some critical development stages which delayed the app’s progress. Kourtney begins to understand, but is still forced to watch her mom dramatically brush her hair. Like Scene 4, this scene was filmed on September 9, 2015.

Scene 9: Filmed on September 13, 2015

All of the sisters are in NYC, and they have dinner at Il Mulino with the world’s leading garbage bin, Tyga. The group spends the first part of dinner discussing how wild and crazy the sisters used to be “back in the day,” drinking, getting into fights, and stumbling out of clubs drunk. Things get a little less lighthearted and fun when Kim’s voice cuts through the laughter, thanking her sisters for being late to dinner because she used that time to work on her app that needed a bit of work. Ohhh, you don’t want it from Kimberly Noel, honeys!!! Kourtney tries to combat Kim’s negativity by saying that they will just tell fans that her app is late because she was dealing with a newborn baby. Kim isn’t feeling it, and tells Kourtney that no excuses will be made because she’s “not special.” Well then. Despite Kim’s impressively nasty behavior, the main event at this dinner was 18-year-old Kylie and 20-year-old Kendall’s glasses of red wine that they seemed to enjoy with their meal in New York City where the legal drinking age is 21. Kids! If you wanna get drunk underage and eat high quality Italian food, go to IL MULINO! They don’t card!! Kylie and Kendall breaking the law was filmed on September 13, 2015.

Scene 11: Filmed on September 14, 2015

At a bumping nightclub in the city that never sleeps, Kylie celebrates her cover of Galore magazine with Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Tyga. Everyone’s hyped that Kourtney is out having a good time with her sisters, but the happiness soon fades when Tyga takes his teenage girlfriend to another club. As we saw in the teaser last week, Khloe tells Kylie that her behavior was “fucked up.” Now, I was so hype for this scene, between Kylie’s intoxicated eyes and Khloe’s rage led me to believe that Kylie got caught freebasing cocaine in the bathroom. But her only crime was going to a second location with her chaperone. Ugh!! The Galore party was filmed on September 14, 2015.

Scene 13: Filmed on September 14, 2015

Back in California, Kris Jenner has lunch with the Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick. Before breaking bread, the two reality stars break down whose side of town is better. Kris also talks about how all of her daughters are gone for their launch in NYC, but she misses them. While she claims to miss her family, the only people she names are North, Kanye, and Kim. As the two wrap up their conversation, Faye suggests that Kris Jenner look into buying an adjustable bed. Such crazy ladies!! This scene was filmed on September 14, 2015.

Scene 14: Filmed on September 13, 2015

In New York, Kim has a sit down with Kylie to discuss her professionalism. Kylie is already hype on herself and complains that “everyone wants [her]” to go to their shows this Fashion Week, but she’s only got time for Kanye. Kim is excited for her sister, but because of how she acted at her magazine launch, Kim tells her that she has got to stop acting like a diva on set and at her gigs. Kylie immediately rolls her eyes. The Lip Kit mogul spits out shakily that she is “so not” a diva. Kim goes on to tell Kylie that she can have the wild rep all she wants, but when it’s time to work, she needs to be nice and professional, like Kim! Kylie agrees. Kim Kardashian West’s master class on professionalism was filmed on September 13, 2015 .

Scene 20: Filmed on September 14, 2015

It’s finally the day of the app launch and all of the sisters gather on stage to present their technologies. Newly inspired by her sisters and life, Kourtney gets super talkative and chats endlessly about her unfinished app. Her sisters are impressed because she is usually the quieter one when they do press. Dolls, never forget where you were when you first saw all five of Kris Jenner’s daughter’s on stage at one time selling you a product. It’s really remarkable!! The launch was filmed on September 14, 2015.

Scene 21: Filmed on September 16, 2015

Perhaps more anticipated than the App Launch, it’s the Yeezy Season 2 Fashion Show!! Kylie, who doesn’t have to walk the runway, but just stand in place for 10 minutes, is nervous. The clothes are abysmal, but everyone loved the show. Anna Wintour allowed her face to be seen, along with Lorde and Bella Hadid. Because she slighted him last season, Kendall Jenner didn’t get a front row seat like the rest of the family; she was in the dreaded second row. Kanye’s mental breakdown as shown through tattered clothes was filmed on September 16, 2015.

That’s all for this week, dolls. Keep your eyes on this space for another KUWIl Mulino’s Lawsuit on #KUWTKE. #EndKyga.

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