Keep Your Hands Out of Reggie Watts' Hair

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POP QUIZ: You’re about to meet comedian, musician, and likely space alien Reggie Watts! What do you do when you meet him? A) Tell him you love his work. B) Ask ‘Who’s Reggie Watts?’ Or C) Put your hands in his hair?

If your answer is A, congratulations! You’ve answered correctly. If you answered with B, feel free to educate yourself because Reggie is great! But if you responded with C, well, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you are a completely clueless and impolite person who needs an immediate lesson in respecting other people’s bodies and personal space.

Unfortunately, as Reggie Watts confirmed at the New Yorker Festival this weekend, a lot of people respond to meeting him by reaching out and touching his hair, usually without asking.


Via Vulture:

What’s going on with the hair? Where’d you get it? People ask about it,” he told the intimate crowd at the New Yorker Festival on Saturday evening. “To a certain level I understand people are curious over how it gets there. What do you do? Can I touch your hair? No. It’s a fascination. Most people just let their hair grow out and don’t really fuck with it too much and have real weird looking hair, like a crazy cave person or wizard or whatever you want to call it. Or a sage, in this case.”

“Usually when someone gets drunk, and usually it’s a woman, they’ll just reach out and touch and grab it,” Watts continued. “...I should reach out and touch their hair. ‘Hey, you did it to me!’ But it’s not the same. It’s so terrible. Sometimes it really catches me off guard. I’ll be having a conversation with somebody, and suddenly it’ll be like, haaaaaaaaaiiirr. I usually try to take it with a grain of saffron.”

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if, rather than expect Reggie to take it all with a grain of saffron, everyone instead agreed to keep their hands to themselves and not grab strangers?


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Don’t touch other people without permision. Don’t Touch Other People Without Permission. DON’T TOUCH OTHER PEOPLE WITHOUT PERMISSION!

There are whole extra layers to this because historically, white people touching black people’s hair reeks of feelings of entitelment and ownership that are not great. But let’s pretend you are a person who doesn’t believe in such things. YOU STILL SHOULDN’T BE TOUCHING OTHER PEOPLE WITHOUT PERMISSION.