Considering that fourth cup of coffee? Go right ahead, says a panel of experts. (Just don't blame them if you get the jitters then maybe freak out on a colleague.)

Quartz reports on a new report from the US dietary guidelines advisory committee, a bunch of brains who tell the FDA and other government outfits what's what. They say a consuming "moderate range" of coffee, defined as three to five cups, is more closely correlated with likely health benefits than risks. According to Bloomberg:

"Coffee's good stuff," Tom Brenna, a member of the committee and a nutritionist at Cornell University, said in a telephone interview. "I don't want to get into implying coffee cures cancer — nobody thinks that," he said. "But there is no evidence for increased risk, if anything, the other way around."


They did suggest dialing back on the sugar and sodium, however. Via Bloomberg again:

The panel said governments should consider taxes on sugary beverages and snacks, and that sugars added to processed foods should make up no more than 10 percent of all calories, down from the average 13 percent now consumed by U.S. adults. The panel also dropped a warning on cholesterol while recommending Americans eat less sodium, saturated fats and red meat.

Hey, anyone want some coffee? I'm running out to the bodega. You? Coffee? Hey, hey, you—coffee? COFFEE? CAN I GET ANYBODY ANOTHER CUP OF COFFEE?

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