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Ke$ha's Spirit Animal of the Week is a Dyed Cat. Of Course.

Illustration for article titled Ke$has Spirit Animal of the Week is a Dyed Cat. Of Course.

In today's Tweet Beat, Ke$ha channels a Coachella-bound cat, R.L. Stine terrifies his followers with a true story about a vengeful ghost, and Cher is trying to say something, but I'm not quite sure what it is.


ma spirit animal of the week

— ke$ha (@keshasuxx) June 24, 2013

True: A statue in honor of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead, has been moving on its own in a British museum. During the day...

— R.L. Stine (@RL_Stine) June 24, 2013 slowly turns in its glass case until its back faces visitors. Curators cannot explain why the statue has begun to move. ...

— R.L. Stine (@RL_Stine) June 24, 2013

..A Pharaoh's spirit will attack anyone who robs from its grave. Many believe the statue is haunted by the Curse of the Pharaohs.

— R.L. Stine (@RL_Stine) June 24, 2013

Got a sec b4 fitting ! Ever feel like u could write “HMS PINAFORE” Across Your ASS? ME 2day! I’m going 2invite Theresa &Larry 2pride.They

— Cher (@cher) June 24, 2013

Just landed in the beautiful country of Africa..I can tell you that the world is excited for #TheGifted

— Mastermind (@rickyrozay) June 24, 2013

Rusty has returned from his trip to Adams Morgan and is getting a checkup at our vet hospital.

— National Zoo (@NationalZoo) June 24, 2013

I want to thank Reverend Sharpton for his kind, kind words:

— Paula Deen (@Paula_Deen) June 24, 2013

When an alley cat keeps coming around, stop feeding it milk- it will go away...Take this and apply it 2 ppl in your life that suck attention

— Pete Wentz (@petewentz) June 24, 2013

Does anyone else thing DB looks like Kevin Costner from the Bodyguard?nice ear piece x vb

— Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) June 24, 2013

The Pope finally ends the ban on condoms (via @kathylette)

— Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) June 24, 2013

This Edward Snowden thing's starting to sound like the Rihanna "777" tour.

— Caitlin Moran (@caitlinmoran) June 24, 2013

Ditto to you @BoyGeorge! You are not only fantastic as usual, suddenly looking younger than I remember & very pretty. Are you in love? yoko

— Yoko Ono (@yokoono) June 24, 2013

Using the playground outside my apt as a temperature gauge is playing havoc with outfit choices. Dino tees and laceless shoes it is.

— alexa chung (@alexa_chung) June 24, 2013

Hi guys, I'm grateful for my fun life. For my birthday I'd love to give to some of your favorite charities. Which do you love and why?

— Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) June 24, 2013

Girl just tried to convince me that "YES that WAS you (me) in the movie Roots" I'm starting to believe it

— Questlove Jenkins (@questlove) June 24, 2013

Which taught me more last night about the choices women do & don't have: Mad Men finale or Ep 4 of PRINCESSES OF LONG ISLAND? #JoniMitchell

— Julie Klausner (@julieklausner) June 24, 2013

It really makes you cool if you write "yawn" after everything. "Martian rover sends back billion pixel image of Mars." Yawn.

— Steve Martin (@SteveMartinToGo) June 24, 2013

Took my little ones to see @ANNIEonBroadway. What a great show! @janemarielynch - you made me laugh out loud!

— Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) June 24, 2013

If a grocery cashier leaves to get an item a customer forgot, everyone in the line should get to beat the customer until cashier comes back.

— kelly oxford (@kellyoxford) June 24, 2013

So, I guess we're just supposed to wait until menopause to get attached to any one specific pair of underwear?

— Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) June 24, 2013

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YES YES YES to this bodysuit. A mi me gusta mucho.