Ke$ha Video Serves Up Spring Breakers Realness, for Better or Worse

Here's Kesha's video for "Crazy Kids" featuring in a spacesuit (would that we could send him into space...) Overall, the whole thing is very Ke$ha-y and will likely to draw criticism from both Illuminati conspiracy theorists and those who aren't so into the idea of appropriating ratchet culture for a music video.

Fair enough on both accounts, but can we pause from considering the video to contemplate something that is also very very important? Guys, WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF KE$HA DATED RIFF RAFF???

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For everyone who doesn't get what "ratchet" is:

As a college-aged black female, I most see the term used not in a derogatory sense, but as a playful expression commenting on the manner in which you are doing something. It's like calling someone a "hot mess" but in a positive way. I obviously can't speak for everyone everywhere, but ratchet culture is most definitely a thing among all the minority college kids I know. It's hard to explain, but it best relates to code switching and how we act prim and proper in the appropriate situations, but "ratchet" at night or in our dorms/apartments when we can be ourselves.

In this sense, I totally understand what Madeleine means by "appropriating ratchet culture," but I'm not too offended by it in this case because Ke$ha is and has always been pretty ratchet.