Last night, as you were doing whatever is you crazy kids do to celebrate Pope Gregory XIII's calendar meddling, your favorite drunk friend Ke$ha uploaded a video for her song "Dirty Love" off of her sophomore album, Warrior. Glitter, of course, makes a very important appearance, but it plays second fiddle this time to Ke$ha's underpants, which seem poised for a break-out year.

The "Dirty Love" video is a simple, no frills affair — Ke$ha dances on what looks like a stripper stage at an especially hedonistic bar mitzvah, clad in what probably serves as a laundry-day outfit in Ke$ha's world. Look forward to the "Dirty Love" sequel — a video for the yet-to-be-released "Not Enough Ke$$$has" in which Ke$ha tears a laundromat apart looking for spare change, only to find so much change that she makes a nickel dress for herself and leaves her old, glitter-flecked clothes behind for some young protégé-in-spirit singer to discover.