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Ke$ha Coordinates Her Gold Tooth With Her Accessories

Illustration for article titled Ke$ha Coordinates Her Gold Tooth With Her Accessories

[Los Angeles, October 12. Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]


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LogicFail: Go Fuck a Tree 2020

You know,I also have a metallic cap over a tooth, but I didn't have mine put in cause I thought it was cute. I had it put in cause the tooth was rotting, and I couldn't afford to have a normal looking porcelain crown put over it. The tooth, which was a baby tooth, was supposed to be pushed out an replaced by an adult tooth,but that never happened. So now, at 25, I have a silver cap on a baby tooth, that will cost at least $3k to replace. The kicker: the fucking thing has had a hole in it for over a year, so I haven't been able to chew on the right size of my mouth FOR OVER A FUCKING YEAR.

While you are over here buying gold tooth covers, in a vain attempt to gain "street cred," I get to be randomly called "ghetto-fabulous," and feel essentially un-datable.

In conclusion: Fuck You Kesha.

dot slash, end bitter rant.