Kavanaugh's College Roommate Says He Lied Under Oath About What a 'Devil's Triangle' Is

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Holy shit guys it may be the case that a “Devil’s Triangle” is not in fact a drinking game involving “three glasses” as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh attested under oath when questioned by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. The ground beneath my feet once felt so firm.


On Wednesday, one of Kavanaugh’s freshman roommates at Yale, James Roche, told Anderson Cooper on CNN, “I was shocked when I heard that. Those words were commonly used, and they were reference to sexual activities.” (Here Roche is referring to both “Devil’s Triangle” and “boofing,” neither of which needed to attain a lifetime appointment in my brain).

“If you think about the context in which you might hear those words, the way that he described them and the way the are defined, they are not interchangeable. I heard him talk about it regularly.” I love how many basic tenets of reality this confirmation process has called into question; stuff like definitions of words, memory formation, and the nature of beer.

Roche is far from the first of Kavanaugh’s classmates to accuse him of lying during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about his temperament, drinking, and so forth. Roche also stressed that Kavanaugh was, at the time he knew him, a heavy drinker, and that he didn’t care for the way his friends treated women. As far as the drinking goes, Kavanaugh seemed to once hold a similar opinion.

Roche also penned an op-ed published by Slate on Wednesday where he writes:

“About two weeks ago I came forward to lend my support to my friend Deborah Ramirez, who says Brett sexually assaulted her at a party in a dorm suite. I did this because I believe Debbie.

Now the FBI is investigating this incident. I am willing to speak with them about my experiences at Yale with both Debbie and Brett. I would tell them this: Brett Kavanaugh stood up under oath and lied about his drinking and about the meaning of words in his yearbook.”


Maybe the FBI investigation can consult Urban Dictionary while they’re at it.

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Executor Elassus

I’m trying really hard to believe that any of this matters. That the GOP, motivated by what The Atlantic points out is their commonality, newly rediscovered, that in inflicting cruelty on all others less fortunate, they fill the void in their voters that will ensure that they will always, no matter what the cost, have their fervent support. I’m really trying to believe that the FBI is actually going to submit anything substantive, that any of what they do find will ever come to light, that it will have any effect whatsoever on the confirmation vote. I’m really trying to believe, against all likelihood, that we aren’t going to have an angry, vindictive, belligerent drunk on the bench for the next 40 years using every lever of state power at his disposal to destroy as many lives as he can, to thunderous applause. I’m really hoping, against all odds, that the rot at the heart of this nation’s soul, might finally be brought out into the cleansing light of day, that we might finally, at long last, have the reckoning with our nation’s history of injustice and inhumanity and not, as I fear seems much more likely the case, that the cancer is actually spreading. I’m so tired.