Last night, Katy Perry's Prismatic tour kicked off in Belfast, and this tour has everything: capes, wigs, Illuminati symbolism, several men dressed like they are in the hit musical Cats toting Katy Perry around the stage while she makes faces...

Here are some of the costumes Katy donned:

For "Dark Horse," presumably, she did the Egyptian thing again. I really wish she had stuck with the witch theme :( Remember when she pole-danced on a broomstick? The halcyon days...

She also dressed up as a cat, flanked by men in absolutely terrifying costumes (THOSE HORRIBLE DEMON EYES), and lounged around on a large cat scratch post. As one does.

This Xenon: Girl of the 21st Century look was designed by Roberto Cavalli. Sadly, it doesn't come with any fun props or an army of furries.

This dress is Valentino and it apparently comes with an ornate cape (not pictured anywhere, unfortunately); I like to think the guitar is inspired by John Mayer.

Did you know that in "Birthday," when Katy Perry sings, "Time to bring out the big balloons," she is talking about breasts? Katy Perry's costume designer does.

And here we have Katy Perry in a fern, saying, "Why, yes, I am in the Illuminati, thank you for asking."

Katy Perry literally elevating the art of the crop top/maxi skirt.

Aaaaaaand the fireworks.

Images via Getty.