Katy Perry's 'Save As Draft' Brilliantly Captures the Struggles of Blogging

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Barring her unforgivable 2007 disgrace “Ur So Gay,” I’m a pretty big fan of Katy Perry. “Hot ‘N Cold” is one of my favorite pop songs of the new century, everything on 2010's Teenage Dream makes me want to drop what I’m doing and run to a karaoke bar, and I will preach the gospel of Prism (Deluxe Edition)’s second half (tracks 9-16) until my dying days.

Having said that, it wasn’t until listening to her most recent LP (Witness, out today) that I—a card-carrying Katycat—truly saw myself in Perry’s music. I could never relate to her traumatic breakup stories (like “Part of Me” and “Ghost”), but exalted when she overcame the pain of each one. I despise our most populous state and am not sexually attracted to women, yet “California Girls” makes me long for a sun-drenched romance with one of those unforgettable, Daisy Duke-wearing ladies from the Best Coast. Her music provided a kind of pure enjoyment devoid of true empathy. I loved it, but I didn’t necessarily relate.


But then “Save As Draft,” the 13th track from Witness, entered my life. After over a decade of releasing music (including her short-lived Christian rock days), Perry finally recorded a song with lyrics I have an acute understanding of—a song that feels like it was written for me. Ladies and gentlemen, she wrote about blogging.

In the track’s moving chorus, she describes the pain of desperately wanting to provide satisfying content for an impassioned, unpredictable audience that is incapable of ever being satisfied. “I struggle, I juggle, I could just throw a line to you,” she sings. “But I should let sleeping dogs lie. ‘Cause I know better, baby.”

She goes on to explain the frustrating act of writing a blog you never publish out of fear that it will only be torn apart by haters or misunderstood, singing, “I write it, erase it, repeat it, but what good will it do to reopen the wound?” Perry, like so many bloggers, ultimately decides to hide her truth from the public. “So I take a deep breath,” she sings in a near whisper. “And I save as draft.”

Wow, I’m sobbing.


Please keep in drafts folder. DO NOT PUBLISH.

Thx, Bob.

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