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Katy Perry's New Song 'Dark Horse' Is Hip-Hop Tinged, Shoulder-Bouncy

While "Dark Horse" is the latest offering from our goddess Katy Perry, and while it might not be the next single off her album, and while it is chock full of the usual Katy Perry cliches and overused phrases, the track, featuring Juicy J, is great. As Perry reminds us, "Mark my words."


Maybe we're hearing hoofbeats where there aren't horses or whatever that saying is, but the beat does have a particularly galloping rhythm to it. And Juicy J's rap leaves nothing to be desired: it contains the line "She eat your heart out/Like Jeffrey Dahmer." It could be those the ominous clouds in the background you can practically hear rolling in, but "Dark Horse" might even be better than "Roar". It might even be better than "Teenage Dream." It might even wipe away the sickly sweet cotton candy cloud that was "California Girls", a feat never considered possible by mankind until this moment.


And let's talk about this single artwork. Fabulous or fabulous?

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The beat is fan-fucking-tastic, despite the general wackness of the lyrics. This is a cute trap-lite song. I would've preferred my lovely 2 Chainz on this track, if you're going for mediocre but charismatic rappers, but whatever. Anywho, I kinda like it. I would probably like it better if it wasn't Katy Perry.