Katy Perry's Custom Pup-Printed Pajamas are on #Fleek

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If there’s one thing I admire in a person, it’s serious pajama game. Like Katy Perry, who had a picture of her dog’s face made into a pattern that now emblazons a pair of silk jammies, as a person on top of their PJ game would and should.


The mastermind behind the print is a stylist named Johnny Wujek, who, if he’s reading this, might be interested to know that his domain is parked for free courtesy of GoDaddy.com and ripe for the taking. (Yikes!) Either way, there’s no mention as to whether normals/basics can also purchase Wujek-designed pajamas printed with faces of their own beloveds, but if they’re priced upon request, as the best things in life often are, I want in.


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Oh, sad face: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are taking a break. No hard feelings, though—it’s simply a case of two very busy people with very busy travel schedules whose relationship has morphed into that of the LTR variety, which, as anyone who’s been in one will attest, is difficult and sometimes unsustainable. [People]

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Heartbreaking: Dancing With the Stars and NFL free agent Michael Sam, the first openly gay man to be drafted by the athletic league, is estranged from his father, Michael Sam Sr., who says he (Sr.) is an “old school, man-and-woman kind of guy.” Still, the younger Sam has put on a brave face, even in the wake of his recent elimination from the dance competition/reality show, saying that he can “only speak for himself.” [Us Weekly]

Yeezy made nice with that paparazzo. [TMZ]

•Guess which wife of rapper-turned-fashion designer wore a four-figure tattered hoodie the rest of us chumps could have found for three bucks at Goodwill? #fleek [Us Weekly]


•Some like it hot, and/or chartreuse, round, and waist-trained. [Page Six]

Lily Allen is either sad that she wasn’t invited to join the Tidal entourage, or she really does believe it’s going to lead to “more piracy.” [Business Insider]


•Former addict Chaka Khan is “devastated” by the ongoing Bobbi Kristina saga. [Huffington Post]

Ryan Reynolds was flirting with Helen Mirren because who wouldn’t? [USA Today]

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa may or may not be doing it. [Bossip]

Giuliana Rancic drops more bombs in her new memoir: she says she was once in a verbally abusive relationship. [E!]


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You can have custom fabric printed and then ask your mom to make you some pajamas because you can’t sew for shit. If you’re me. If you’re someone who is better than me, then you can make your own. BRB getting my cute ass dogs on pants. (Also please post dog pictures because I kind of live for those threads. Also pt. 2, sorry for huge picture, I’m too lazy to save/resize/upload.)