Katy Perry’s Alleged Stalker Arrested, Says He’ll Do ‘Whatever It Takes’ to Be With Her

Images via Getty/Miami-Dade Corrections
Images via Getty/Miami-Dade Corrections

A man named Pawel Jurski was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly stalking Katy Perry. While at the singer’s show at American Airlines Arena in Miami that night, the 37-year-old reportedly “rushed towards the stage” before being stopped by security. He’s been charged with “aggravated stalking and escape, and loitering and resisting arrest”


Per TMZ, police soon learned that Jurski had attended six of Perry’s shows in the past month “and has tried to contact her at each stop.” While in Chicago, “he secretly followed Katy to a steakhouse to surprise her.”

“I will do whatever it takes to be with Katy Perry,” he said, presumably unaware that his bond had been set at $34,000 and that the court had taken away all his travel documents.


After leaving E! because the network refused to pay her anything close to her male co-host Jason Kennedy’s salary, Catt Sadler went out of her way to let everyone know there was no bad blood between the two. A reminder of what she said:

“Jason Kennedy is one of my best friends in the whole wide world. He is like a brother to me. And in no way do I want this to reflect poorly on him. He’s devastated, I think, and I think he believes that this is a great loss for the network. He does not want to see me go. Jason is a class act … It’s important that people don’t vilify him because he isn’t the problem — the system’s the problem, the structure’s the problem. And I really do mean that.”

But vilify him people have, and now his wife, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, is pissed. And, hoo boy, is her response misguided. She claims Kennedy once learned that another woman on the network once made 3x his own salary, but that it didn’t “affect Jason whatsoever” because no one at E! is sexist. She continues:

As you all know, there are two sides to every story. I am posting this to tell the other side, which everyone deserves to know before jumping to conclusions about a place he has called home for the last twelve years. If he ever heard that gender inequality was occurring at his workplace, he would take action. Instead, it’s the contrary, and the numerous phone calls we have had these past two days from both current and former female employees at E! only support what he has seen in his time there. These women have assured us that they never felt gender inequality was at play at any time.


You can read the rest of her statement over at my favorite destination for Lauren Scruggs Kennedy updates: LaurenScruggsKennedy.com.


No tweet has ever worked harder than this one:


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I’m just here to say that Robert Pattinson was really sweet to my dog once, so in my house, we respect Robert Pattinson. Emma Watson has never interacted with my dog, but she seems like a nice enough young lady. I have no objection to this potential couple.