Katy Perry Runs Hillary Clinton's Instagram Account for the Day

Katy Perry, Mistress of the Left Shark, took charge of Hillary Clinton’s Instagram account today in advance of her campaign rally concert in Iowa.

According to E! Online, “Perry’s a longtime Clinton fan—and vice versa, with Hillary having adopted ‘Roar’ as one of her go-to anthems on the campaign trail.” Tonight’s concert will be the first segment of Clinton’s campaign run by husband Bill Clinton.


There’s certainly no doubting Perry’s devotion to Hillary. You would have to be ride-or-die to voluntarily rock this manicure:

Nope, that’s still a pretty ugly logo. But good on you, Katy. You’re a trooper.

Now let’s contemplate who Bernie Sanders’s go-to pop royal should be. My preference is Bruce Springsteen, for no other reason than that it would give Chris Christie an aneurism.


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