Katy Perry Picks Up Her Mic to Perform At This Year's Grammys

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Katy Perry has been busy lately, but her work has predominately taken place off-stage. After campaigning vehemently for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election, she has donated to Planned Parenthood, produced and bankrolled a pro-Muslim PSA, and participated in the Women’s March on Washington. But on February 12, she will don the mantle of Pop Star once more: she’s performing at the Grammy Awards.

She’s gone blonde, by the way. I think it suits her.


And judging from Twitter she seems...in agreement?

The question, of course, is to what extent Perry will use this opportunity to make a political statement. After her vocal support for the Clinton campaign, Perry has not disguised her displeasure at Trump’s win.


Now, as thousands across the country protest a deadly Muslim travel ban and the generally autocratic rhetoric of our new executive branch, Perry has plenty of creative fodder. Or perhaps, tearfully, she’ll call for a moment of silence honoring Hillary Clinton. That’s a distinct possibility too.

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