Katy Perry Might Wear a Diaper Under Her Met Gala Gown and That's OK, It's Fashion!

“I’m wearing a diaper.”
“I’m wearing a diaper.”

Katy Perry says she may or may not wear a diaper underneath her intricate Met Gala gown tonight so that it doesn’t get soaked in pee.


The Met Gala, which takes place in New York, is where the fashion literati converge to show off the strangest and most extravagant gowns their stylists can think of to correspond with the year’s theme—2016's is “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.”

Perry’s gown is apparently humongous, though she hasn’t revealed who the designer is yet. “I’m wearing a really large thing, which will be very difficult to use the restroom in,” she told reporters on Sunday at a CoverGirl event in New York, according to Us Weekly. “I might just wear a diaper. I don’t really care. I am just going to be looking around for people to help me to the restroom.”

She might be joking. But “I might just wear a diaper. I don’t really care” is my life motto.

Perry famously wore a light-up dress at the 2010 Met Gala, way ahead of her time. Fashion dictates that she can’t repeat that outfit, so the plan is to just not let Gaga upstage her. “I know a couple of people are coming like lit up and stuff like that, and I’m like, ‘I did that in 2010, you’re late!,’” she told People on Sunday. “I’m going to do something, but I’m sure like Gaga is going to arrive on drone, and I’ll just be like, ‘Grrr! Again! Shit!.’”

Anyway, the entire Met Gala event always seems exhausting and Katy admits it can be a hassle. “Met Gala, it’s great, it’s so much fun, it’s the best party, but you’re a little bit beholden to designers you know,” she told People. “When I create my own costumes for tour, it’s like whatever the fuck I want to do. It’s just like larger than life. It’s like: Can it move, can it smell, can it — blah, blah, blah, blah?”

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I really do feel like Katy Perry’s entire life is just trying really hard to be eccentric and always being outdone by Gaga.