Katy Perry Might Be Dating Diplo. Should We Be Worried?

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Katy Perry’s love life is back! Just when you had finished fretting about her crispy Coachella sunburn, reports of her latest romance have surfaced — and we might want to root for this one, with some provisions.


The “Dark Horse” singer is reportedly canoodling with Diplo, according to Page Six. While the Major Lazer DJ-cum-producer behind many of your favorite hipster's favorite jams might not seem like a step up from John Mayer, Dip’s only well-known, relationship is his long-term on-and-off love with M.I.A.. She's a firecracker (er, firework?), so he has that whole "I love me some strong women" thing going for him, eh?

“Katy and Diplo hooked up at Coachella. They were together behind the main stage, where she had a tour bus or trailer, and a group of her friends were hanging out.” The music spy added, “It was very obvious that Katy and Diplo were together. They seemed inseparable and at one point they were seen getting onto her bus together.”

Oh, boarding rocker transportation together, they must be making out in the back, we all saw Country Strong. Look, Diplo's like the musical Angelina Jolie; he likes going to countries, plucking up culture (often first belonging to brown folk) and serving it up for Brooklyn's wealthiest trust fund babies.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Diplo's also creative buddies with another one of your favorite acts, Santigold:

As for his ex-boo the ever-growing curmudgeon M.I.A, he says the success of her hit "Paper Planes," which he helped write, both cemented and blew up their relationship.

Listen guys, it's hard out here when you're a white boy who works with bunches of hot, creative women of color for a living. What's a blonde to do, y'know? Sarcasm and twerk videos aside, the more I listen and read his interviews, maybe this whole Perry-Diplo canoodling is a good thing.

In the above 2012 Vlad TV clip, Dips says that he was in a relationship and has a son, so maybe he's figured out how to be in a relationship with someone else in the music business? Also, here's a few bits from an Ask Men Valentine's Day interview with Diplo:

How has your perspective on love and sex changed in the last 10 years? What did you learn in your 20s?

I've learned a lot. You don't really have a chance with a real relationship unless you would give up everything for it. Now, I'm with an awesome girl with a baby, and I didn't plan it, but I couldn't ever ask for a better person to share this life with. ...

What do you think a girl really wants on Valentine's Day?

Attention. That's all girls want. The best gift you can give to a girl is your devotion, not some Louboutin's. But buy those if you're busy, for sure.


He also mentions that he flew an ex to Vegas just to eat at the strip's fanciest sushi restaurant. I mean ... what's not to like?

As long as Katy doesn't turn into some bizarro version of Gwen Stefani or Fergie by rapping with an ethnic entourage or starts adopting black children abroad, I think her messing around with Diplo is a step up from Mayer. This is all, of course, based on the DJ no longer being with the mother of his child whom he was doting on back in the aforementioned interviews. I vote for a dub step remix of "Dark Horse" as a result of this union — may God bless it.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: that white boy can get it get it get it.