Katy Perry Is Fighting to Keep Her Deposition in Dr. Luke Case Sealed

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Katy Perry has asked to keep her deposition in Kesha’s sex assault lawsuit against Dr. Luke sealed, citing the potential harm she feels it could cause her career.


A lawyer for Perry, who in the filings is referred to by her legal name, Katheryn Hudson, wrote in court papers that unsealing the testimony could cause “significant harm” to her “career and reputation.” From Page Six:

“Because of her high-profile status as an artist, advocate and role model, Ms. Hudson is vulnerable to ‘gossip column’ frenzy aimed at exaggerating salacious matters having little to nothing to do with the merits—whatever they may be — of the substantive, material issues in this case,” lawyer Hal Shaftel wrote.

Perry’s involvement in the case stems from a text message Kesha sent to Lady Gaga in 2017, alleging that Dr. Luke had raped Perry.

Kesha’s ordeal stretches all the way back to 2014, when she filed a lawsuit attempting to be removed from her contract with Kemosabe Records after alleging that Dr. Luke sexually, physically, and emotionally abused her. Four years later, the battle is still raging.

The emergency sealing motion was filed on Monday after Shaftel learned a Manhattan Supreme Court judge was considering releasing the transcript this week.


Surviving sexual abuse and assault is a very personal journey. People deal with it very differently. For a long time, I wanted no one to know that I had been sexually molested by my grandfather,among others, or raped by a camp counselor. As a young man, it made me feel weak and pathetic. The few people I did tell who were not gay like me almost always asked me if that “turned me” gay. I had to warn boyfriend’s not to do certain things that were triggers this was difficult because it invariably led to the question,”why not?”

I can understand Katy’s desire to keep her story private. She is under a microscope all the time. She knows that the more salacious the story the more popular it will be. This story has it all sex, scandal, famous names and truth (depositions are sworn statements purjury applies).

It bad enough that Ke$ha share Katy's personal information with a third party. As a gay man, it seems too much like outing for me. Maybe one day Katy will be like me and be able to share her story freely and openly, maybe not. It took years of therapy for me.